OmniCloud by Fraunhofer SIT

Secure and flexible use of arbitrary cloud storage

With OmniCloud Fraunhofer SIT has developed a solution that provides reliable protection against espionage of data in the cloud and allows users easy access to cloud storage services.

OmniCloud reduces the necessesary cloud storage by data deduplication and prevents provider lock-in. OmniCloud has been designed for companies with high demands with respect to the security of data stored in cloud storages.

 OmniCloud makes cloud storage secure

Just this year the trust in cloud computing has suffered from several espionage incidents. Such attacks collect data from key points of the Internet or directly from the cloud provider. Citizens feel violated with respect to their privacy. Companies see a threat to their intellectual property and their competitiveness in bidding processes.

The OmniCloud software, which runs in the company's intranet, protects against data espionage by encrypting all files locally before they are transferred to the cloud.

A separate encryption key is used for each file. In addition to the actual file content, all file names and directory structures are obfuscated. Users have to authenticate before accessing OmniCloud. Access rules for users can be specified on a fine-graned level.

 OmniCloud makes software cloud-ready

OmniCloud works as an adapter that allows any application and backup software to use cloud storage even the software itself is not cloud-ready. For that, OmniCloud provides a number of common communication interfaces, which are supported by all major operating systems and software products. OmniCloud works similarly to a network drive. An OmniCloud installation on the user's devices is not required.

 OmniCloud prevents provider lock-in

Storing data in cloud storages often lead to the problem of provider lock-in. Usually, moving the stored data from one provider to another is a major hurdle for companies. With OmniCloud, the data can be transferred quickly and easily. OmniCloud supports the transfer by a cloud-based migration service actively. For that, the data must neither be downloaded to the corporate network nor re-encrypted.

Local encryption

OmniCloud encrypts all your data locally in the intranet before sending them to the cloud storage and thus keeps them confidential.

Efficient use of cloud storage

OmniCloud recognizes duplicated files and makes sure that only one copy is send to the cloud. This reduces cloud storage and costs.

Flexible and easy integration

OmniCloud supports a various communication protocols and cloud storages and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures.

Cloud migration service

OmniCloud supports data migration from one cloud storage provider to another to prevent provider lock-in effects.

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"Investment in your Future"

Investments for this work were co-funded by the European Union with European regional development funds and by the state government of Hessen

Video: OmniCloud explained

OmniCloud: 1st award at the 4th German IT security award 2012

On 11/29/2012, a 1st award at the German IT security award goes to the OmniCloud team.

OmniCloud whitepaper

Download our new Omnicloud whitepaper containing many details about OmniCloud here.